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Top 10 Best Downloader App for Android to Download Music, Videos & Files

Every day we need to download something for various purposes. In this case, typically we use our PC, and it’s more comfortable when we download bigger files. On the other hand, we generally face some issues while download big files using our Android. For this reason, we don’t use Android phones and Tablets to download something from the internet, but not anymore. We have come with the solution to download files from the web. These top 10 best Downloader App for Android will help you to download easily. Make your download more secure and faster with the best downloader app.

Free Best Downloader App for Android

Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager - Downloader App for AndroidAdvanced Download Manager is a Free Downloader App for Android and probably the best one for Android ever. Advanced Download Manager comes with a lot of features to make your download easy and faster than before. You can download three files at a time and can resume the file if it faces any interruption. So, you will be able to download files in the background and can choose the destination of file location between SD card and device storage. On the other hand, there are also some advanced features like a booster for download, real-time maximum speed change option, video and audio downloader, larger file supporter than 2 GB, and much more.

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Advanced Download Manager
Advanced Download Manager

Download Manager for Android

Download Manager for AndroidDownload files three times faster than before with the help of Download Manager for Android. Smooth and easy user-interface will help you to use the app smoothly and easily. The app will support almost every type of file including APK, RAR, ZIP, MP3, DOC, XLS, and much more. Download Manager for Android also offers you Tabbed browsing, Bookmark manager, a Quick search manager with voice, Auto address bar suggestion from browsing history, and much more. At the same time, it will support Java scripts and HTML 5 web pages and videos. So, download files using Download Manager for Android with all the basic and some advanced features.

Downloader & Private Browser

Downloader & Private BrowserDownloader & Private Browser comes with tons of features and functions. The app will let you download almost every type of files including, Audio Files, Video Files, Documents, Photos, and much more. On the other hand, you can browse with the Private Browser and can use their full-featured multi-tabs browser. Downloaded files using the app can store a private folder with a password. So, it’s more safe and secure to use and download files with Downloader & Private Browser.

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Loader Droid Download Manager

Loader Droid Download ManagerLoader Droid Download Manager is one of the must have Android Downloader App. Using Loader Droid, make your downloads smarter, efficient, reliable, and easy. You can have resumable download system, auto pause system for connection lost, auto reconnects when your data connection repairs. It will also allow you to choose connection for downloading, and scheduled downloading. At the same time, you can split the download into parts for a faster download.

Turbo Downloader

Turbo Downloader - Android Downloader AppTurbo Downloader is one of the best Downloader App for Android. Download files five times faster with Turbo Downloader, and it’s compatible with almost every browser including, UC browser, Stock, Firefox, Dolphin, and others. As a result, you can download from any browser with pause, resume, and recovery feature. Turbo Downloader also offers you unlimited file size download, notification for download progress, up to 5 parallel streams, buffer size optimization, configurable download directory, and much more to have great experience of downloading.


Download Manager

Download ManagerDownload Manager is a very simple but secure Downloader App for Android. The app comes with a simple and user-friendly interface, which will allow you to download quickly from the Internet. The app download files in parallel parts to increase speed and acceleration. At the same time, it will allow you to download files in the background, larger file over 2GB, several files download at a time, and much more. As a result, you can download files using Download Manager with all the basic and some advanced feature.

Download Manager
Download Manager
Developer: MobilDev
Price: Free

Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator PlusMake your download faster than before using Download Accelerator Plus. Download Accelerator Plus is one of the fastest speed booster and advanced download manager for Android, and probably one of the must-have download tools for Android user. You will be able to download any type of files including, Video songs, Audio songs, Documents, and others from multiple web browser. Other important and useful features like pause and resume download, auto correct download, doodle to use and manage download, will also help you to download files quickly and easily.

Download Accelerator Plus
Download Accelerator Plus
Developer: rubycell
Price: Free+

IDM: Download, Torrent, Audio, Video & more

IDM - Free Downloader App for AndroidDownload through your Android phones and tablets using IDM like a desktop. IDM offers you to download all kind of files as well as Torrent files too. So, download files using IDM with a rich amount of feature and functions like, Smart download, Pause and resume download, Direct download to SD card, HTTP Live streaming website support, Import and export download links from text, and much more. So, the user can have a great experience of downloading with the help of IDM.

Fast Download Manager

Fast Download ManagerFast Download Manager is an excellent download manager for Android user, which allows to its user download easily and quickly. The app uses multiple connections to increase speed and acceleration of download. Using Fast Download Manager, you can control your download by its pause and resume feature, cancel and add anytime feature, download in the background option, buffer size optimizer, parallel downloads controller, etc. It will also allow you to choose file size (over 2GB), file location including SD card, and much more.

Fast Download Manager
Fast Download Manager
Developer: MaxigetDM
Price: Free

IDM Video Download Manager

IDM Video Download ManagerIDM Video Download Manager is specially launched to download videos from the internet. Normally we download video from the internet or stream video online, and it’s really tough. To avoid this issues, now you can use IDM Video Download Manager and can download all the videos you stream online. It offers you download videos from almost every websites with a 2x faster speed. So, you can easily download your favorite videos using the app.

Closing Words

These are our experts recommended Top 10 Best Downloader App for Android. We have tried our best to give you the best download manager for your Android phones and tablets, which can fulfill your demand. Now it’s your time to choose from one of these apps. Hope, you will have a great experience of downloading.

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