How to Save Snapchat Photos, Videos and Stories on Android

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    The Snapchat is one of the most popular social messenger and people love to use this messenger to connect with their friends and families. You may also love to use Snapchat and want to know Save Photos, Videos or Stories from Snapchat.

    Well, you can save Snapchat photos or videos using a 3rd party app. These apps are generally well-known as Snapchat Saver App. SnapSave, SnapBox, SaveMySnaps etc. are most popular Snapchat saver apps for android. You can check the full list of Snapchat Saver Apps for Android here

    If you don’t like to use a 3rd party app to save Snapchat photos or video, then you can also do it manually.

    To Save Snapchat Videos or photos manually, you Android device must have Advance File Manager features. If not, then you need to download a File Manager App like Ex File Explorer. Then check your device temporary storage (Device Storage) to find Snapchat photos or videos that’s someone send you.

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