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Top 5 Free Password Manager Apps for Android Device 2017

Nowadays, almost all people handle various accounts with user ID and password. Most of the people fail to manage their account because some of them forgotten their password, someone lost, and someone got hacked. So you must save your password to keep your online accounts safe and secure.

You may use various methods to keep your account password and user ID. But in this modern era, you can easily save and protect your password with your Android device like smartphone or tablet. Just choose a best and free Password Manager App for Android device, download it and install it on your device. This will help you to organize and save your passwords.

Here, I’m going to share some best and free Password Manager Apps for Android. You can easily use these apps on your device because they come with a user-friendly interface. Just choose anyone from this list and get it now for free.

Password Manager Apps for Android

  1. aWallet Password Manager

The aWallet Password Manager is one of the most popular, best downloaded and top-rated Password Manager App for Android device that is used by millions of people. This app comes with the high security feature that will help to protect your password from any kind hacking attempts. You can use a master password to keep your password safe.

Key Features

  • Store password, credit card or banking information
  • Search features
  • Backup your data in USB drive
  • Export data in CSV format
  • Save password in category wise
  • Generate strong password
  • Size: 2.1MB
  • Requires version: 2.2 and up

Download from Google Play

  1. Keeper® Password Manager

The Keeper® Password Manager is another Free Android Apps for Password Management. You can use this app on your Android device for free. This will help you to store all of your online account password and other information like credit card information or banking information.Keeper® Password Manager - Password Manager Apps for Android

Key Features

  • Secure password manager with encrypted and unbreakable feature
  • More than 7 million users use this password manager app
  • Multilanguage supported
  • Easy to use
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Secure sharing make it easy to share password
  • Size: 12MB
  • Requires version: 3.0 and up

Download from Google Play

  1. 1Password

The Guardian ranks the 1Password as the number one password manager of the year 2014. This is another popular Password Manager App that you can use on your Android phone, tablet and the PC version also available for PC. You can easily sync data from one device to another device with this App easily.1Password

Key Features

  • Create strong and secure master password
  • Save any kind password and secrete data
  • Control app through website
  • 30 days Free Trail
  • Size: 4.4MB
  • Requires Version: 4.0 and up

Download from Google Play

  1. mSecure Password Manager

The mSecure Password Manager Password Manager comes with a high rating that you can use for free. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to use this app for a newbie to advance users. You can easily create a master password and save your entire online accounts password.mSecure Password Manager

Key Features

  • Filter record by name or group
  • Advance search option
  • Auto lock feature
  • Reliable and complex password generator
  • Easy to sync with Dropbox
  • And much more features
  • Size: 11MB
  • Requires version: 2.1 and Up

Download from Google Play

  1. Password Safe

The Password Safe is my last recommended Password Manager App for Android that you can use on your phone or tablet for free. You can trust this app as 100% safe and comes with an advanced security feature to protect your data from hacking attempts.Password Safe

Key Features

  • Powerful and complex master password
  • Store password by category wise or name
  • Auto backup
  • Export or import data with CSV format
  • Pro version available with more features
  • Size: 11MB
  • Requires version: 4.0 and up

Download from Google Play


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