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Our company provides services for the introduction of a proxy into your system to ensure the speed of work, energy efficiency, as well as throughput of your server. We only provide high-speed IP addresses to meet your every need.

The main advantages of proxies in our company

We are a sought-after proxies provider, as our company has the following undeniable advantages over competitors offering similar products to customers:

  • Easy pricing for services. Each customer can choose different forms of payment for the rights to use the service, between a fixed amount for an IP address, which will cost less, or paying for each gigabyte that he used.
  • User-friendly interface, a simple and informative interactive service control panel available for customers, and a lot of basic and additional options. Each user of the service will be able to quickly inspect all IP addresses registered for him, and he can also activate rotation, change the location address, and other useful options.
  • Rotation of proxy services means that a user who has registered and paid for the service will be able to independently adjust IP addresses upon request to achieve the required level of conspiracy and cover a wider geography of using their servers.

Our customers always get a full range of services for their money, they are very satisfied with the work with our company and leave only positive feedback about it on independent forums on the net.


How to use proxy servers at Infatica?

For beginners to better understand software services and understand what exactly proxy servers are for, the following are examples of how the largest clients, participants, and owners of large businesses use them to organize their work:

  • Formation of a pricing policy in an automated mode based on the results of a market inspection.
  • Ensuring cyber security and protection against hacker attacks on important information on the server.
  • Copyright protection for a virtual logo, brand, and other symbols or the name of a company operating in the IT field.
  • Formation and loading of staff from the company’s own IT departments.
  • Monitoring the duration of the system’s uptime.
  • The ability to fully control the performance of work.
  • Provision of services for the formation of an SEO core for content useful in the design and configuration of websites.
  • The possibility of training new employees or creating your training centers that allow you to grow new personnel specialists for various companies with diplomas.

Finally, of course, the main function of proxy services is the ability to conduct a profitable and targeted marketing policy that allows each IT company to develop steadily and increase its profits, even contrary to the expectations of the business plan.

What other options have we prepared for our customers?

In addition to the features and benefits listed above about our proxy servers, we also offer our customers many additional services from our company, which is why users increasingly choose us, such as:

  • The ability to not only view ads for the end customer of your company but also a convenient filter system for the ability to quickly identify and block malicious information sources.
  • Everyone knows that today many large companies are trying to protect their websites, because of which they are blocked from bots and unauthorized access. Using proxy servers allows you to quickly bypass these blocks and gain access to content.
  • Each user gets a unique opportunity to track the quality and relevance of their advertising content, adjusting their targeting and marketing policy in time to reach an even larger audience of their customers.
  • The service offers a unique spy feature to business and website owners. They can try their hand at Mystery Shopper to follow the link and see how effective the ad is and how it attracts a potential customer.
  • A user, a subscriber to proxy services, can always use the function of localizing the search string, selecting only the criteria of interest to him to narrow the variability of the proposed content, goods, or other intellectual products. this significantly reduces the risk of error when choosing the right product.

In addition, our proxy servers allow you to test a system that has been stopped by a customer to maintain stability due to increased traffic loads since there is such a function for simulating it in demo mode.

What are premium private proxies?

In addition to the proxy servers described above, we also offer premium subscriptions to our customers, which open up the following horizons for users, leading them to inevitable and quick success:

  • Formation of a budget to make effective investments in a company, startup, or established brand.
  • The ability to choose your development strategy, the concept of accounting for income and expenses, compiling sales statistics, and forming and tracking the effectiveness of targeted advertising.
  • Analysis of user needs for the successful development of the company, calculation of target investments for each item of a pre-composed business plan.
  • Automatic rotation of IP addresses, so that no security system of the website of a large company will detect a bot, and this will allow you to stay on the platform for a long time to show advertising content to a huge number of visitors, without the risk of being blacklisted and blocking services.
  • All customer data is securely encrypted with a multi-level program code, which ensures complete security and prevents any cyber-attacks, as well as the deletion or copying of confidential files.
  • This premium version of the program will undoubtedly suit even those owners of very large stones who use hundreds of thousands of IP addresses to implement their largest projects.

Our prices will pleasantly surprise you, and for those customers who have not yet decided on the tariff subscription they are interested in, a three-day trial version will cost only $2. For 8 GB monthly traffic, we also include a favorable plan of $96, a 40 GB plan will cost $360 per month, 100 GB will cost $700, and the expensive premium version itself will cost $3,500, but for this money, the customer gets up to 1000 GB monthly.

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