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The Best Dragon Touch Tablet Review 2018

The Dragon Touch Tablets are getting huge popularity day-by-day in the Tablet market. These tablets are easy to use and come with latest Android and Windows operating system. The overall design and performance also good enough for the price. Nowadays, tablets are no more expensive gadget; anyone can buy a tablet for less than 50USD or 100USD. If you are looking for a good quality Android tablet with the average performance for less than 100USD, you will find the dragon touch tablet in the top list. But before going to buy a Dragon Touch Tablet, you need to know something about these tablets and consider. So in this Dragon Touch Tablet Review, I’m going to share details about dragon touch tablet with Pros and Cons. I’ll also share some best dragon touch tablets so that you can choose anyone quickly and easily.

Updated On: 10th January, 2018

Quick Comparison of Best Dragon Touch Tablets

Dragon Touch TabletsImagesOperating SystemDisplay SizeProcessorRAMMemory
Dragon Touch Y88X Plus 7'' TabletDragon Touch Y88X Plus Android 4.4 KitKat7 InchQuad Core A33512MB8GB
Dragon Touch Y88X 7-Inch TabletDragon Touch Y88X 7-Inch TabletAndroid 4.4 KitKat7 InchQuad-Core 1.2GHZ512MB8GB
Dragon Touch M7 7-Inch 8 GB TabletDragon Touch M7 7-Inch 8 GB TabletAndroid 4.4 KitKat7 InchQuad Core MTK 81271GB8GB
Dragon Touch i8 ProDragon Touch i8 ProWindows 108 InchIntel Quad Core1GB32GB
Dragon Touch A93 9 Inch TabletDragon Touch A93 Android 4.4 KitKat9 InchQuad Core512MB8GB
Dragon Touch N90 9" Tablet PCDragon Touch N90 9" Tablet PCAndroid 4.2 Jelly Bean9 InchBroadcom Quad-Core512MB8GB
Dragon Touch X10 Dragon Touch X10 10 inch Octa Core TabletAndroid 5.1 Lollipop10 InchCortex A71GB16GB
Dragon Touch M10X 2016 Edition Dragon Touch M10X 2016 Edition Android 4.4 KitKat10 InchQuad Core1GB16GB
Dragon Touch TabletsImagesOperating SystemDisplay SizeProcessorRAMMemory

Best Dragon Touch Tablet Review

3 Best Dragon Touch 7 Inch Tablet Review

  1. Dragon Touch Y88X Plus 7” Quad Core Google Android 4.4 KitKat Tablet

The Dragon Touch Y88X Plus 7” Tablet is one of the best-selling Dragon Touch Tablet in the market. With the high performing A33 chip and 7 inch IPS display with the 178-degree view will get better visual performance. The Y88X Plus is one of the best cheap price 7-inch tablet, Android tablet available in the market. The tab available in black, blue and pink color and comes with excellent designs. The upgraded camera and SmartColor technology make this tablet perfect to capture awesome photos or record video clips.Dragon Touch Tablet Review

The Quad Core A33 chip, 512MB RAM and Android 4.4 KitKat OS make this tab ultra-fast for browsing the web, play games or watching movies. The 8GB internal storage capacity also good enough to store essential images, videos and documents. The battery life is good enough for 4-6 hours of operation. The 7-inch tablet size is perfect for one hand operation. And the mobile friendly design is perfect to carry the tablet anywhere you go.

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  • Perfect for multi-tasking smoothly
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • G-Sensor available


  • External memory card support up to 32GB only
  • May takes a long time to open an app when too many apps installed
  • Apps can’t transferable to micro SD card
  1. Dragon Touch Y88X 7-Inch Quad Core Android Kids Tablet

Most of the people always looking for a cheap price Android tablet for their kids. But finding a cheap kids tablet with good quality and average performance is not easy. Well, if you are also looking for an inexpensive kid’s tablet, then the Dragon Touch Y88X is the perfect one. The tab four different attractive colors for kids; Blue, Pink, Red, and Green. As the tab specially designed for kids, so the tab is durable enough for rough use. You will also get a kid-proof heavy duty case to keep it safe from scratch, blow or any kind physical damage.Best Dragon Touch Tablet Review

The Y88X 7 inch Tablet comes with pre-installed Zoodles app and Google Play Store. So you can download thousands of free apps and games from Play Store for free. The user-friendly interface and navigation make this tab perfect for 3-8 years aged kids. The Quad-Core 1.2GHZ processor, 8GB internal storage, and 512MB RAM are good enough for smooth performance and also for the price.


  • Play games or watch movies for up to 5 hours for a single charge
  • 30 Days money back guarantee
  • Dedicated customer service and technical support


  • Connect to the internet with Wi-Fi only
  • The Outlook design looks cheap
  • Screen not perfect to take heavy press
  1. Dragon Touch M7 7-Inch 8 GB Tablet

Another best-selling and top rated Dragon Touch 7 inch Tablet that comes with the slim and lightweight design. The Dragon Touch M7 design for mobile professionals to carry it anywhere. The cheap price tablet you can buy for less than 50USD and could be a great choice for beginners or temporary use. The 7-inch size tablet is perfect for operating with one hand and can put it anywhere like in your pocket or handbag.Dragon Touch 7 inch Tablet Review

The Quad Core MTK 8127 Processor and 1GB RAM make this tablet for multitasking. You can browse the tab heavily or open several apps at a time without lagging the speed. The 7 inch IPS display with 178-degree of view angle of this tab also good enough for the 3D gaming experience. Like other 7 inch Dragon Touch Tablets, the M7 also comes with 8GB memory, and you can expand it up to 32GB. There is also an HDMI port available for connecting the Tab to TV or projector.


  • Dual camera for taking awesome photos and video chat
  • 4-5 hour battery lifetime and up to 100 hours standby time
  • GPS Sensor and Bluetooth available


  • The camera is not good to capture high-quality images
  • Opening too many games at a time may slow the device
  • Charging cable is too short

The Best Dragon Touch 8 Inch Tablet Review

  1. Dragon Touch i8 Pro 8″ Windows 10 Tablet

Looking for a cheap price 8 inch tablet with good configuration and high performance? Well, the Dragon Touch i8 Pro is here with 8inch display and Genuine Windows 10 operating system. The Intel Quad Core processor makes this tablet 4X faster than traditional windows tablet. The best 8 inch Dragon Touch Tablet for personal and business tasks as well as entertainment. The 8 inch IPS display is perfect for reading books, watching movies or playing games.Dragon Touch i8 Pro 8" Windows 10 Tablet

The 1GB RAM also perfects to run the tablet smoothly. The internal storage capacity (32GB) also good enough to install large apps and games. The tab also comes with Microsoft 365 Personal license for one year, which is $69.99 value. The Micro USB and Bluetooth connectivity are perfect for connecting with external keyboard and mouse to do the browsing and typing tasks efficiently. There is also a mini-HDMI port available to connect TV or projector.


  • 5MP rear camera to capture images or record video clips and 2MP front camera for selfie and video chat
  • Highly responsive touchscreen
  • Micro SD card slot to expand the memory


  • Support 32GB Micro SD Card
  • Poor battery life
  • Body material not durable enough

2 Best Dragon Touch 9 Inch Tablet Review

  1. Dragon Touch A93 9” Quad Core Google Android 4.4 KitKat Tablet

A large size screen tablet provides a better experience of watching movies, playing games, browsing the web or reading books. Carrying a large size tablet may annoying for some people, but some people also love to use a large size tab. Well, if you are looking for one, then the Dragon Touch A93 9inch Tablet is the perfect one. You can buy this Dragon Touch 9 inch Tablet for less than $90. The high performing Mali-400 GPU and the quad-core processor of this tab ensure smooth running and better 3D graphics.Dragon Touch A93 9'' Quad Core Google Android 4.4 KitKat Tablet

The 512MB RAM and Android 4.4 KitKat operating system make this tab perfect for multi-tasking. The highly responsive multi-touch screen is perfect for smooth web browsing. The battery life is also good enough to run for 5-6 hours. The Dragon Touch A93 comes with pre-installed Google Play store and several apps and games.


  • User-friendly interface for both kids and adults
  • One year limited warranty with customer and technical support
  • Dual camera to capture images or join a video call


  • RAM in only 512MB and internal storage is 8GB (Expandable)
  • Weight is little bit high
  • No HDMI port available
  1. Dragon Touch N90 9″ Tablet PC

Another 9-inch Tablet from Dragon Touch that comes with Broadcom Quad-core CPU 4×1.2 GHZ processor. The Dragon Touch N90 also an ideal tab to play games, watching videos or browsing the web with a large size screen tablet. The tab 512MB RAM, 8GB internal storage capacity and runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system. There is a micro SD card slot available in this tab to increase the memory up to 32GB.Dragon Touch 9 inch Tablet Review

The built-in Wi-Fi is available to connect to the internet for web browsing purpose. You can also download thousands of free apps and games from Google Play Store. The Bluetooth 4.0 also available to share images or documents with others. You can also use an external keyboard or mouse using the Bluetooth.


  • Cheap price large size Android tablet
  • Comes with dual camera
  • Built-in powerful speaker with high-quality sound


  • The screen is not an IPS screen
  • Slower than the A93
  • Design looks cheap

2 Best Dragon Touch 10 Inch Tablet Review

  1. Dragon Touch X10 10-Inch 16GB Octa Core Tablet

The Dragon Touch X10 is a large size Android tablet with 10 inch display and 170-degree viewing angle. The powerful Cortex A7 processor is fast enough to play games or to browse the web smoothly. The 10-inch display also perfects to enjoy movies or play games with better graphics. The high speedy VR SGX544 GPU and 1GB RAM make this 10 inch Dragon Touch Tablet ideal for multi-tasking.Dragon Touch X10 10 inch Octa Core Tablet

The improved Wi-Fi is perfect to browse the web with high speed. Download thousands of free apps and games from Google Play Store. The 16GB internal storage memory also enough to save huge images or documents. The Android 5.1 Lollipop also makes this tablet user-friendly for any aged people. The large capacity 7200mAh battery is good enough to enjoy movies for a long time.


  • Comes with HDMI and Standard USB port
  • 0MP back camera and 2.0MP front camera
  • Micro SD card slot supports up to 64GB


  • The Camera is not good enough
  • Not perfect for beginner or kids
  • No free keyboard case
  1. Dragon Touch M10X 2016 Edition 10-Inch Quad Core Tablet

The Dragon Touch M10X 2016 Edition is the latest Dragon Touch Tablet. This is an ideal cheap 10-inch tablet for professionals for temporary use. The 1GB DDR3 RAM and high performing process are good enough for multi-tasking and browsing the web heavily. The battery life is also good enough to carry it anywhere, for a business meeting or while traveling. The slim aluminum body looks stylish, and you can easily store it in your briefcase or backpack.Dragon Touch M10X 2016 Edition 10-Inch Quad Core Tablet

The 10inch IPS display is perfect to watch videos or play 3D games with better graphics. The 16GB internal storage is huge to install hundreds of free apps and games. You can also increase the memory up to 32GB with the help of micro SD card slot. The built-in powerful Wi-Fi connects this tab to the internet.


  • Portable tablet for outdoor use or travelers
  • Runs on Android 4.4 KitKat operating system
  • G-Sensor and Bluetooth available


  • Slow internet browsing speed
  • Opening several apps at a time may slow the device
  • Installing too many apps may also lag the tab

Why You Should Choose Dragon Touch Tablets?

Most of the people don’t like to spend huge bucks for their first tablet. Some people are also looking for a cheap price Android tablet for their kids or temporary use. Although they are looking for a cheap price tablet, most of they want a good performance tablet with impressive designs. Well, if you are also looking for such type tablet, then you must consider a Dragon Touch Tablet. The quality and performance of these tablets are good enough, and you can get a 7 inch Dragon Touch Tablet for less than 50USD. If you want a large size tablet with a 9 inch or 10-inch display, then you need to spend 70-110USD to buy a 9 inch or 10 inches Dragon Touch Tablet. Here are some facts about dragon touch tablets that will help you to decide to purchase a dragon tablet or not.


The performance of a tablet depends on the Processor and RAM of a tablet. Almost all dragon touch tablets come with high performing dual core or quad core processor. These processors are fast enough to browse the web, play games or watch movies smoothly. RAM is another fact for a tablet performance. 1GB RAM is available in the most of the dragon tablets and this 1GB RAM good enough to run the tablet flawlessly. Some tablets also come with the powerful processor and large size screen, so they are perfect for multi-tasking.


When you are going to buy a tablet for your kid, you must consider the design and outlook. I’m sure, your child won’t love to play games or watch videos on a tablet that’s designed looks ugly. Even, you also don’t like to buy your first tablet with cheap design outlook. For this reason, all dragon touch tablets come with the attractive and shiny design. Some tabs are specially designed for kids, and they must love those tabs.

Storage Capacity

We always want to store images, videos or documents in our device memory so that we can use it when needed. So must buy a tablet that comes with enough storage capacity for you. Also, if you are going to purchase the tablet for your kid, then you may need to install huge apps and games. So device storage is a matter for you. Dragon touch tablets come with 8-16GB internal storage capacity, but some model comes with 32 and 64GB internal memory. However, if you need more space on your tab, then you can expand it 32GB to 128GB through an external micro SD card.

Battery Life

All dragon touch tablets come with good battery life, and you can play audio for 8 hours and watch movies or play games for 5 hours. The average battery capacity is 3000mAh to 7200mAh that is good enough for a cheap price tablet.

End of Use

The dragon touch tablets are specially designed for kids and beginners. They come with most popular and well known mobile operating system Android and Windows. So anyone can use the dragon tablet and handle it in their own way. The large size display and high-quality speaker make these tab perfect for watching videos or playing games. The size and design are also perfect for any aged people to carry and use it anywhere.

Customer Support and Warranty

The Tablet Express is the manufacturer of the Dragon Touch Tablet, and they provide a 1-year warranty for each product. Their dedicated and highly professional customer care team can handle any kind situation. Sometimes they also offer full replacement offer to their clients if the product comes with critical problems. And the most attractive feature is they offer 30 days money back guarantee.


As I said before, Dragon touch tablets are very cheap in price. Anyone can buy a tablet for their first use or kids. Generally, 7-inch tablet price is 40-50USD, 8-inch tablet price is 70-80USd, and 9 to 10.1-inch tablet price is 80-140USD.

Over to You

Finding a cheap price tablet with proper configuration, high speed, and better customer support is not easy. You need to find some tablet brand which was already popular for their cheap price tablet. And the Dragon Touch is one of the most popular and well-known brand for cheap price tablets. So here I’ve listed some best-selling and top rated Dragon Touch Tablets with quick comparison and detail review. Hope this Dragon Touch Tablet Review will help you to choose the right one for yourself or your kids and save your time as well as money.




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