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Samsung Keeps Pushing the Limits of Mobile with Galaxy Note 8

There may be a lot of buzz about the upcoming iPhone, but fans of Android devices will be happy to know that things are also looking great for the latest version of the Samsung Galaxy Note series. The Infinity display has received rave reviews and the attractive design feels strikingly fresh, especially in comparison to the staid iPhone design we’ve seen for the last several years. The Galaxy S8 has been wowing consumers for a few months, but the biggest release from Samsung this year will actually be the Galaxy Note 8.

The Galaxy Note 8 will expand on the already impressive S8 phone with an even larger screen and a fresh design that puts the iPhone to shame. This comes in addition to a Qualcomm Snapdragon 386 processor and its astoundingly great 13-megapixel dual-lens camera. It was estimated that the new device would launch in the late summer, much like last year’s Galaxy Note 7, but it’s now believed that the phone-tablet hybrid could be announced in September at the IFA conference in Berlin. This would put the Galaxy Note 8 squarely at odds with Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 as the two giants continue to jockey for mobile dominance. When it comes to the mobile arms race between platforms, the real winner in this competition is the consumer.Samsung Keeps Pushing the Limits of Mobile with Galaxy Note 8

The technology behind mobile platforms is continuing to improve at a breakneck pace. This is having a residual effect on other associated industries, particularly gaming. As the devices themselves become more powerful, the level of games being developed is improving along with them. Creators are able to make more ambitious and complex titles due to technological benefits, and gamers get to reap the rewards. Beyond the games from larger studios, mobile casinos designed for the casual player have also benefited from the changes. Adapting an online casino for use on a mobile device was once a tall task, but thanks to the technological advancements it’s now easier than ever for players to get the same PC experience on their mobile devices. This goes for console games as well. With more powerful processors and improved graphical displays, games that were once the purview of Sony and Microsoft are now coming to the app stores. This optimization of PC and console titles also extends to the prevalence of virtual reality for mobile devices.

The improvements for the Galaxy Note 8 are particularly exciting with regard to the future of mobile-based VR. There has been speculation that the larger screen for the Note 8 will also support 4K resolution, which could have a huge impact on the quality of the experience. While 4K may not be as important for the phone itself, this could make a massive difference when paired with the Samsung Gear VR headset. Because VR displays sit so close to the eyes, it’s important for displays to be as high-def. as possible to reduce the ability of the user to make out individual pixels. With an affordable price point and ease of use, the Gear VR has quickly become one of the most popular headsets. The optimization of mobile hardware for VR support could help continue that trend.

There’s a lot to look forward to when Samsung finally decides to unleash the Galaxy Note 8 on the world. With improved processing power and improvements on the already excellent screen, the device could steal much of the iPhone 8’s thunder this fall and push mobile devices into a new era. There’s still some time to wait before it’s here, but the newest device from Samsung looks like it could be one of the best ever.

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