[Infographic] 8 Free & Best Health Apps for Android

Android is one of the most popular smartphone operating system that comes with various attractive features. The most attractive feature of this Android that there are millions of apps available in the market for free. With the improvement of Android wearable device and smartphone, you can now keep yourself healthy using some Android apps. There are hundreds of health apps for Android available which you can use to track your health and fitness report.

If you are looking for some free and best health apps for Android, then you’re in the right place. After a handy research on several health apps, we found some awesome apps that’s are really great to keep yourself healthy and save your money. Let’s have a look at the below Infographic of Free & Best Health Apps for Android and get your favorite one now.

Best Health Apps for Android [Infographic]

 Infographic of Best Health Apps for Android

8 Best Free Android Apps with Download Link

  1. Google Fit

The Google Fit is one of the most popular and top downloaded health and fitness app for Android. The app comes with all functionality to track your daily fitness activity including walkout, cycling, nutrition, sleep, calories and much more.

Download Google Fit Here

  1. Pedometer

Want to lose or gain weight? Want to burn extra body fat? Then the Pedometer is the ideal app for that will help to track your daily activities to lose weight or burn extra fat. You can also measure walking distance with detailed report using this app.

Get the Pedometer Here for Free

  1. Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor

Great app to monitor your heart rate using your Android device. The Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor comes with advance feature to monitor heart rate using your device camera.

Download Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor

  1. 7 Minute Workout

The 7 Minute Workout is another most popular and best health app for Android. The app is perfect for you, if you want to lose weight, burn extra tummy fat, strengthen abdominal muscles and get sixpack.

Download 7 Minutes Workout Here

  1. Runtastic Running & Fitness

The Runtastic Running & Fitness app featured by Editors choice at Google Play. This is an awesome app to keep yourself healthy by tracking your daily sports and fitness activity.

Get the Runtastic Running & Fitness App Now

  1. Calorie Counter

The Calorie Counter is a great app to track your diet and daily exercise activities using your Android device. The app comes with the largest food database to count calorie easily and quickly.

Download Calorie Counter from Google Play Store

  1. Strava Running and Cycling GPS

Love cycling? Want to keep yourself fit and healthy with cycling? Then the Strava Running and Cycling GPS is an ideal app that will help to track your daily cycling activity using your device GPS.

Download Strava Running and Cycling GPS

  1. Period Tracker

Common and most helpful Android app for women. The Period Tracker comes with user friendly interface to track your periods using your Android device.

Download the Period Tracker Here

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