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5 Best and Free Web Browser Apps for Android to Use in 2017

The web browser is one of the most important and essential apps for Android devices. Everyone uses web browsers to browse the web to do business or personal tasks. We always search for the best web browser apps for Android that comes with fast loading features, user-friendly interface and never hang. But most of the Android users only use the Web Browser which comes with their device. Every Android phone and tablets come with a built-in Web browser, but most of them aren’t good in the term of user experience, easy to use or security.

There are hundreds of web browser apps for Android available in the apps market. You can choose the best one for a better user experience, browse the web faster and keep your things secure. So, in this post, we are going to share some best web browser apps for Android. You can use these browser apps for free to browse the web fast and securely.

Web Browser Apps for Android

  1. Opera

The Opera is one of the most popular and fast loading web browser apps for Android that is also a must have app for Android phone or tablet. The simple and user-friendly interface with fast web loading feature makes this browser app popular. You can download music, files, and documents with this browser and keep your things organized. There are different versions of this app available for Android phone and tablet.Opera Browser - Essential App for Android Tablet

What’s Good?

  • Create an account in Opera to sync your browsing and bookmarking data
  • Set-up speed dial for faster browsing experience
  • Built-in search option to search and find anything instantly
  • Private tab for private browsing
  • Subscribe to the latest news, technology, sports from popular newspaper and magazine site
  • Lightweight web browser

What’s Bad?

  • Some user finds difficulties to download images with the latest version
  • Not best for download videos

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  1. Google Chrome

As an Android user, you may be familiar with the Google Chrome Browser. Most of the Android phones and tablets come with a Google Chrome browser. This is another most popular browser for Android, which will help to sync your browser data on any device. You can use your bookmarking data, browsing, and other data with Chrome on your PC, tablet, and phone. On the other hand, Chrome also a user-friendly and fast loading web browser that can serve data fast.Google Chrome - Web Browser Apps for Android

What’s Good?

  • Voice search feature
  • Save minimum 50% mobile data while browsing the web
  • Sync browsing history, passwords, bookmarks, etc. and use from any device
  • Built-in web page translator
  • Browse the web faster

What’s Bad?

  • No built-in ad block option
  • Fewer add-ons for developers

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  1. Firefox

Most of the people like to use the Mozilla Firefox as the primary browser on their PC because of its so many features. If you are one of them, then you can also use the Firefox on your Android phone or tablet too. This web browser comes with various features like Chrome and Opera. You can also sync your browsing history, bookmarks, password with your Mozilla account and can use on any device just log in with the Mozilla account.Firefox - Best Web Browser App for Android

What’s Good?

  • Customize your Firefox home panel as you want
  • Lots of Add-ons like ad blocking add-ons, password manager, video downloader, etc.
  • Fast loading web browser with quick start-up
  • Support more than 59 languages
  • Privacy setting option to keep your online presence secure
  • Support almost all major video formats and play videos smoothly
  • Private browsing tab

What’s Bad?

  • Some user finds difficulties using Firefox with the Nexus 6 device
  • Little bit slower than Chrome and Opera browser

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  1. Maxthon

The Maxthon Web Browser is another best Android web browser app which you can use for free to enhance your web browsing experience. This web browsing app comes with several built-in features to browse the web faster by using low CPU resource and memory. You can easily adjust the font size, block unwanted ads, browse any site privately with this app. Currently, more than 600 million users around the world use this browser.Maxthon - Free Android Web Browser App

What’s Good?

  • Customizable home panel comes with quick access and speed dial feature
  • My Cloud features to sync your browsing data and use from any device
  • Free cloud space to download and upload files securely
  • Share mobile contents through social media and SMS
  • Comes with useful add-ons like file manager, task killer, screenshot assistance, etc.
  • Dedicated download manager

What’s Bad?

  • Some user finds difficulties to browse the web faster with the latest version
  • Download manager not good enough to download large size files

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  1. Dolphin

Like Opera and Firefox, the Dolphin is also one of the oldest and popular free web browsing app for Android. With more than 100 million downloads, this is a top growing Android browser app. Like other browser apps, the Dolphin also comes with the sync feature to sync your browsing history, passwords, bookmarks, etc. and use from any device.

What’s Good?

  • Gesture features to browse the web privately
  • Built-in voice search option called SONAR
  • The better flash support for games and videos
  • Download any files including HTML5 and Flash videos
  • Various themes available with customize option

What’s Bad?

  • Play one feature disabled in the new update
  • Update version works slower than the old version

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  1. Hi,
    I didn’t knew about Maxthon browser. Thanks for posting such a wonderful and interesting post. 🙂
    The specific about each browser has been presented in best way. I don’t like ads and pop ups which comes out abruptly while browsing sites. Its absolutely correct that Firefox is a best browser in terms of blocking ads. I use it on my phone and on my PC.

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