7 Best Cloud Storage Apps for Android you can Use for Free

Nowadays, people love to use cloud storage to save their data easily. It’s also easy to access cloud storage data from anywhere. So they don’t need to carry an extra Hard disk or pen drive. And the good news is that now people can access their cloud storage data from their Android phone or tablet. Because most of the cloud storage service providers come with their own Android app. There are several Cloud storage apps for Android available with various features. You can use most of them for free, but some also come with the premium membership option.

In this post, we are going to share some top and best cloud storage apps for Android. Let’s have a look at this list and find your favorite cloud storage app for your Android device.

Review of Best Cloud Storage Apps for Android

  1. Dropbox

The Dropbox is one of the most popular and top rated cloud storage apps for Android that comes with 2GB free storage. This free storage is enough to keep your personal documents, images, and other files. You can also upgrade it to Pro version to get 1TB space if you need to save huge documents, images or videos. Using the Dropbox Android app, you can easily save any documents or image directly to your Dropbox account.

The app also lets view or edit any Microsoft Office documents directly from your Android phone or tablet. With the help of Dropbox, you can send large size files directly without attaching the file. Most of the people love to use Dropbox because they can easily increase their free storage by referring other people to create a Dropbox account.

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  1. Google Drive

Google Drive - Cloud Storage Apps for Android

The Google Drive is another most popular and widely used Android cloud storage app that comes with 15GB free storage. Using Google Drive, you can easily save any document or image directly from your Android device. People like Google Drive because of its high-security features. There is nothing to worry about your personal or confidential documents that you save on Google Drive. Share files, documents or image with other people directly from Google Drive. The advance built-in search option helps to find any files or documents easily and quickly. Using the Google Drive app and your device camera, you can easily scan and save any paper documents.

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  1. OneDrive

OneDrive - Best Cloud Storage App for Android

If you are a fan of Microsoft and want to use their Cloud Storage service, then the OneDrive is for you. OneDrive comes with 15GB free storage like Google Drive, but you can easily get additional 15GB storage by linking your camera roll to their service. Using the OneDrive Android app, you can take backup your device images or videos automatically. The app also let to edit, rename, delete or move any files or documents. Like Dropbox, you can also share any saved files or documents with other people.

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  1. Box

Box - Android Cloud Storage App

The Box is also a well-known cloud storage service that is also available for Android user. Using their official Android app, you can save or browse files, documents, images or videos from your Android device. The box comes with 10GB free space and you can use their premium service (100GB Storage) for $9.98 per month. The downside of Box is, you can upload maximum 250MB files with the free storage option. And this is not useful for the user who want to use Box to save videos.

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  1. Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive is another good option to take backup your important files, documents, images or videos. As the Amazon Cloud Drive available for PC, Mac and Android, so you can easily browse files or documents from any device. 5GB free storage available on this cloud service and you can increase the storage limit by taking their premium membership option. With the Amazon Cloud drive Android app, you can directly play music or videos that are stored on the cloud drive. You can also view or edit text files directly from your Android device. There are also several features available in Amazon Cloud drives such as Send large file links through SMS or Email, create/edit/delete/rename files and folders and much more.

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  1. Copy


If you don’t like to use Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive but want a cloud storage service with 15GB free Storage, then the Copy is the best solution for you. Like Dropbox, you can easily increase your free storage limit up to 25GB by referring other peoples. The Android app of Copy comes with several features to save your important files, documents, videos, images or audio files. You can directly play audio or video file that’s are stored in the Copy account. There is an option in this app to take backup your device photos and videos automatically.

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  1. MediaFire


MediaFire is the best solution for the people who love to save their favorite music and videos on Cloud storage. You can also save other files and documents here. The free version comes with 12GB free space and you can increase it up to 50GB by referring other people to join. Like copy, you can also directly play videos and music on your Android device from MediaFire account. The quick search option helps to find files or documents easily, and you can also share any file through email, SMS, Facebook or Twitter.

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Final Thought

Overall, these are the top and best Cloud storage apps for Android that’s come with various attractive features. If you want huge free space, then you can use Google Drive, OneDrive or MediaFire. On the other hand, Dropbox, Box, and Amazon Cloud Drive are best for file management system.



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