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5+ Best Android Apps to Make Money in 2018

Love to spend your time with your smartphone or Tablet? Most of the time you may spare time on your phone or tablet by playing games, watching movies, chatting with friends or browsing the web.

All of these just kill your time, but you might not get some bucks in return. You may also spend a few pennies to porches apps for your Android phone, but do you know; you can easily make some pennies with some Android Apps.

Yes, there are several Android Apps available in the Apps market to earn money quickly by just downloading apps, playing games or taking photos. Who knows, maybe it’ll even help you pay for a tablet around $100 or $200!

So in this post, I’ll try to introduce you to some best Android Apps to Make Money easily and quickly. These will help you to earn some extra bucks in your free time. So, let’s check the list and install these apps on your Android phone or tablet now.

  • Last Updated On: 26th January, 2018

Android Apps to Make Money in 2018

[Hot1] InboxDollars

The InboxDollars is one of my favorite money making apps for Android, which comes from a mobile and online loyalty club www.inboxdollars.com. There are several easy tasks available in this app to make money from your Android device. InboxDollars members earn more than $30 million cash since 2006.InboxDollars - Android Apps to Make Money

What to do?

  • Refer your friends
  • Read emails
  • Search things on the web
  • Take and complete surveys
  • Download apps
  • Buy coupons

What will you get?

You will get cash for taking surveys, downloading free apps, browsing web and reading mails. You can easily transfer your cash to your PayPal account or use to purchase apps.

Download from Google Play

[Hot2] iPoll – Make money on surveys

The iPoll is a top downloaded Android App to make money from Android phone and tablet. More than 1,000,000 people use this app to make money and get free rewards. Complete your mission in the iPoll and get a surprising reward instantly. This app will ask you some basic information about yourself and will notify you when similar tasks available.iPoll – Make money on surveys

What to do?

  • Taking surveys
  • Visiting virtual store
  • Taking pictures
  • Test Products
  • Watching video ads

What will you get?

  • Gift cards
  • Airline credits
  • Cash money

Download from Google Play

  1. MintCoins (Make / Earn Money)

The MintCoins is one of the top rated and best Android apps to make money from your smartphone or tablet easily. This is a free app and comes with various features to make some bucks in your free time. There are several high paying offers available in this app, just complete your daily tasks to get your money.

What to do?

  • Download free apps
  • Watch video advertises
  • Download paid apps (reasonable price)
  • Refer your friends
  • Complete surveys
  • Play games

What will you get?

You will get paid $. 25 for referring a friend to download and join MintCoins. You can easily make the minimum $5 every day by playing games, watching video adverts, downloading free apps. And you can cash out minimum $1 to your PayPal account.

Download from Google Play

  1. Earn Money -Highest Paying App Earn Money

The Earn Money is a high paying money making app that comes with various simple tasks to make money easily and quickly. The user-friendly and simple interface of this app makes it ideal for both newbie to advanced, user to make money from their Android device.Earn Money -Highest Paying App Earn Money

What to do?

  • Refer your friends and family member
  • Download free apps and games
  • Play games online
  • Complete surveys
  • Registering on other free and paid websites

What will you get?

You will get $.25 for referring your friends to download this app and make money from it. You will also get points for completing surveys, playing games or downloading apps and games. Convert your points into $, $1 for 100 points and receive through your PayPal account within 24 Hours.

Download from Google Play

  1. Rewardable

When most of the money making Android apps come with almost the same tasks like downloading apps, playing games, watching video advertising, etc. Then the Rewardable comes with some different tasks. You can easily complete your daily tasks through the app to make some extra money to purchase some apps or games for your Android phone or tablet.Rewardable

What to do?

  • Answering multiple questions
  • Recording waiting time in the restaurant
  • Write review or rate the customer service or products
  • Count products on the shelf etc.

What will you get?

You will get minimum$20 for completing 5 to 15-minute tasks. After completing some tasks, you will get a high rank for more paying jobs. You can easily transfer money to your PayPal or bank account.

Download from Google Play




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  1. Great list, Manik!

    I make money with paid surveys. I like them because they are easy and fast. You’ve mentioned Google Opinion Reward, which is great, but there are many more. My tactic is to register with 10 and more survey sites. That way I receive much more invitataions. Unfortunately there are some scam sites. To find legit survey I’d recommend:

    EliteSurveySites – they are one of the best site that offer always legit surveys

    BBB – Check carefully are they listed there

    Casro – A great organization that list legit surveys

  2. GreaT articld. Gave more than promised. Excellent work. Thanks for writing it. #TKR Keith Russell

  3. Very nice information here…i like its content …We have gathered a list of the 5 best Money Making apps that pay you easily and quickly in 2016. These will help you to earn some extra bucks in your free time.

  4. Is it applicable from Bangladesh?

  5. I strongly recommend whaff
    I have alot bucks from this since this year when I joined.
    go straight to play store download whaff rewards login with your Facebook account and then input this code (GB20987) to get $0.300 .

  6. Over the last few years, I haven’t had any luck with Rewardable or iPoll. I’ve been a member of Inboxdollars for almost 7 years and I can say that while they are legit and pay, it’s slow to earn unless you do a lot of offers. I’ve focused my attention more on sites where I can run things like TV from my spare laptop without a lot of babysitting because doing offers is a good way to get cash fast, but I really don’t like spending the time. I guess I really want money for nothing. I have a few I use but Swagbucks has been my main money maker for a few years now.

    I spend most of my time of Swagbucks and usually get about $50 a month for mostly watching videos. The trick is running their apps on your phone daily until you get the daily goal and then not beyond. Finish your daily checklist, do a few surveys when they’re worth your time, but once you’re done there spend your energy on Encraves. You also get bonuses for hitting daily earning goals which are pretty easy to do once you get the hang of it. There are also extra competitions and things where you can get extra points. They help you learn how your team members really make money while getting you swagups for doing your daily routine. My method is easy, low-maintenance daily earnings that result in good reliable monthly payouts. You can get the hang of it easily and I’ve earned almost $1600 on Swagbucks the last few years. Don’t give up when you get frustrated trying to learn the new site – just learn a little every day and you’ll get better in now time. If you sign up under a referral, they sometimes run specials where you can get a bonus for both of us so you can sign up here to try for that as well http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/Zmade

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